Up lighting

The perfect foundation layer for transforming your event space, these projections of upward coloured lights adds warmth, colour and depth to complement your décor.

Texture lighting

From simple to ornate to abstract, create depth, contrast and interest with projected patterns on walls, ceilings and dance floors.









Colour Wash

Instantly alter the atmosphere and appearance of a room by covering an entire space with a chosen hue.


Pin Spot lighting

Highlight specific elements with these narrow beams of focused lighting. Centerpieces, the cake table, place cards, guestbook area, sweet heart tables, bar areas can all benefit from this type of lighting.


Monogram lighting

Add a unique touch with a customized monogram projected anywhere from the dance floor, to the entrance or any prominent wall space in the room.






Fairy lights

Create an ethereal appearance, with these soft glowing strings of bulbs. Perfect for garden weddings and outdoor events.

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